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Video Production Services in Hoboken, NJ

We serve clients across Hoboken, Newark, New Jersey, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, New York.

Our Services Include: Brand Development | Corporate Video Production | Promotional Video Production | Videography | Professional Video Editing.

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  • Jay and his team are absolutely phenomenal. We love working with RUX Media. Not only are they professional and excellent at their work (great quality!), but they also go the extra mile and help with each project from start to finish. Bringing the creativity, RUX will help you storyboard and figure out the most effective way to deliver your message. Jay is super responsive and always willing to work with our team. Flexible on timing and shoots, Jay will be there to make sure the end result is flawless. In the rare instance Jay isn't on set, he has the right people there to do the job. We use RUX Media for all of our projects and wouldn't think of going anywhere else!

    Jamie D.

    Corporate Video Production New Jersey